About Brooks and County of Newell ECD Coalition

Promoting early childhood development with communities, services, and families, to understand and respond to early childhood development needs through information gathering, interpretation and dissemination.


The Brooks and County of Newell Early Childhood Development Coalition was formed Nov 17, 2011 by a group of individuals who came together to actively promote positive early development, and work on behalf of their early childhood development (ECD) community.


Under the direction of Donna Cushman, ECMap Community Development Coordinator, who invited the group to discuss the Early Child Development Mapping Initiative.


The ECMap is a five-year research and community development initiative that is funded by Alberta Education.  ECMap prepares maps and reports on early childhood development for communities and for the whole province.


The Brooks and County of Newell ECD Coalition has come together to support the development of community based action plans for enhancing early childhood development outcomes.


Together we want to gain a better understanding of how young children in our area are doing ad how we can respond more effectively to meet their needs.



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